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Moving – Helpful Information

by Admin Esparros Properties
March 10, 2015
Category:   Tenant Informaton

Moving Out?  This information should help you.

Move Out Date

Please make sure that all your personal property is out of the house and yards by this date. After this date we will dispose of any personal property remaining on the premises.
If we have to pay for disposal of any of your personal property we will have to deduct the cost from your security deposit.
Please begin to put out unwanted items for trash or special pick-up during the coming weeks in order to avoid large piles of debris in front of the house.U


Please report any and all damages by email to
Please remove all –

  • Food and beverage items from the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Clothes from both washer and dryer.
  • Kitchenware from the dishwasher and all items in cabinets or under sinks.
  • Furniture and decorations from the front and back yards, and porch.


The best time to clean the house is after everything is moved out. Please do your best to clean the entire house, including bathroom and all kitchen appliances –

  • All refrigerator and freezer compartments
  • Stove top and oven
  • Microwave, if applicable

Prospective Tenants

Please cooperate with the showing of the premises to prospective tenants by keeping the entire premises in a clean and presentable condition.


Please do not terminate your utility accounts until after you have moved out and completed cleaning the house. Please notify us by email or text when you close or transfer your accounts.


Please leave all keys to the house on the kitchen counter.

Security Deposit

After you have moved out, removed all your personal property and possessions, and completed your cleaning we will conduct an on-site inspection of the property. We will communicate to you in writing any issues which will result in settlement charges to your security deposit. If applicable, we will forward to you any quotes for repairs and/or restorations which will require the use of security deposit funds. After this inspection has been completed and settlement charges and related repair/restoration costs have been determined, the balance of the security deposit will be refunded to you by company check. We are required to return this balance to you within 30 days of your actual move out date. Please keep in mind that any pet deposits are non-refundable and cannot be applied to damages.

Forwarding Address

Please provide an address to us where we should mail the security deposit check or contact you. Don’t forget to notify the US Post Office to forward all your mail as of your move out date.

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