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Moving – Helpful Information

Moving Out?  This information should help you. Move Out Date Please make sure that all your personal property is out of the house and yards by this date. After this date we will dispose of any personal property remaining on the premises. If we have to pay for disposal of any of your personal …

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What to do for freezing weather.

Here is a reminder of things we ask you to check in freezing weather conditions. It is important to drip water water in areas where pipes are located in exterior walls. In most cases that means dripping in the bathtub for sure. Please let us know if you have any questions. Be safe and …

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Things You Might Not Know About New Orleans

1.  It’s pronounced “New OAR-linz” Not “New Or-LEENZ” and certainly not “N’awlins.” No one says that. Ever. We don’t know where that came from, but it’s silly, and if you try it, people will laugh at you and/or look at you funny. 2. We do not use cardinal directions Directions are thus: Uptown, Downtown, …

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